Zach's Wedding & Who's Your City

11 Oct

Oct 9, 2010. George and I went to Zach’s wedding today. At th end of it, George commented: “Colleagues are the minority in the attendees.” Most people there were family friends and school mates. All of a sudden, I started to visualize my own wedding, and I felt headache. A strong feeling struck me when I compare my life to Zach’s. The place he grew up, went to school, works and lives right now, are all with 4 hours of driving circle. Most of his family and closest friends are around. He may never be worried about whether he can find someone to hangout. On the contrary, my hometown, my family and my closest friends from college, are all on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. I flew oversea for my Master in Ann Arbor, made some friends there, and most of them went back to the other side of the Ocean, leaving me here.

I borrowed Richard Florida’s book, Who’s your City, from Stephen. It says one of the biggest reasons for one’s happiness is how close you are to your family and friends, or doing things you love with people you like. It also says you need to earn extra $130,000 to compensating moving away from family and friends. That’s why a lot of people choose to stay where they are instead of moving.  I laughed at the number $130,000 and wonder how I evaluate my life decisions in terms of US dollars. There are much more I earned from moving outside of my home country than money. The exposure to different cultures, political systems, personalities, values, etc. These means more to me than the 130 grands. But Florida doesn’t give them a price tag.

I would be living a totally different life if I didn’t come to the states two years ago. I cannot tell how rational the decision was, but it is meaningful.


One Response to “Zach's Wedding & Who's Your City”

  1. imgeorgelin October 13, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    Hmmm… You should start making the guest list and we’ll work it out.

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