Back from Nashville

24 Oct

I took a short trip for the Recovery Plan we are doing for the city. Not much time touring around the city, but I love the vibe there. It’s a city for young people (though not that affordable in terms of either housing or other expenses). The downtown, and midtown were packed Saturday night, and the cultural diversity in the streets and in the bars offered good people-watching experience. (I hope I could have also walked in the city during the day.) It’s amazing just by thinking of people coming to the city from all over for music. The first band we listened to was from Britain. A woman in our work group said: “Even if you are not an artist, you will still be connected to artists in all types of ways in Nashville.”

You can hardly tell the city was struck by flood after the water went down. And the physical recovery is picked up quickly. However, the local businesses were strongly hit, of which most local residents may not be aware.

An interesting experience is with Southwest Airlines. Their crew is amazing! The broadcast people on my flight to Nashville can spell out names of all their soft drinks in 10 seconds, and the other people on my flight back made funny faces when showing safety tips, and would say “freshly squeezed cranberry juice” when handing you your drink (even it’s not freshly squeezed at all..) The two continuous experience make me feel it may be the company’s strategy to differentiate its service in that way: hiring people with acting talents.

The airline magazine I was flipping through had an article of a photographer named Carl Warner, who takes pictures of food in a so different way: Food Scapes!



One Response to “Back from Nashville”

  1. imgeorgelin October 24, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    The Food Scapes pictures definitely look like Utopia for you I think.

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