Bring Bohai Sea’s Water to Xinjiang

12 Nov

The idea has been over the media these days, after a summit held on Nov 5th in Xinjiang. Is China going to take its humongous hydro project to the next step? It’s been more than 50 years’ of research and evaluation for the South-North Water Transfer project. During that period of time, China has been building numbers of dams, pumping stations, etc. Major critics focus on the cost to build such a huge water infrastructure, and the negative ecological/hydro-geological influence from the project.

This Bohai-Xinjiang project can only have more critical issues to justify itself. The engineering technology in channeling and transporting the water, whether it loses more energy in elevating water or gains extra energy when the water flows down west, the cost of desalinate sea water, and do we have alternative ways more effective in solving the problem?


In the past 20 years, a lot of the critical decisions of the country were made by engineers. They are proving the world how mighty human beings are in changing the environment/landscape used to build by nature. Contrary to the traditional Chinese philosophy that human beings and the nature as a whole, we are extremely challenging nature. I saw benefits this practice has brought to people, and am also worried of the potential revenge from the nature.


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