Brief of my LEED AP Exam on ND

16 Dec

It was interesting to see the article on LEED-ND from the Planning magazine I got one day after the exam. It can never be a perfect system.  The prerequisites may be discriminating rural and low-density suburban areas, its weighting system is controversial, and it not talking effectively with main-line land use planners. I think many of them are valid points except the last one. “What gets measured gets done.” We always know the trade-off of metric systems: it tends to simplify reality but makes effective communication. Developers are a significant stakeholder missing in this article. It will be interesting to know what they are thinking, because they are the real key for LEED ND projects. (I might read more of ULI stuff.)

I took 2 tests in a row, the LEED Green Associates Exam and the LEED Accredited Professional Exam. My scores are 179 for GA and 186 for ND.

The GA test is very general in testing understanding of green concepts and the goal and process of LEED. It won’t ask about a specific credit, but it will ask “what approaches to take when you want certain features.” So you need to look through LEED NC rating system at least to understand the goals and corresponding approaches, but not numbers or credit requirements.
Study Materials:

Sample questions:

  • A lot of questions on CFC, policy, leakage rate, phase out plan, Montreal protocol, etc.
  • A lot of questions of recycled content and material reuse (giving u a scenario, and you will be able to identify which category of materials this belongs to.)

The AP part of the exam is really credit-focused. Most questions are about one or more credits/ prerequisites. For half of the questions, you will be fine by remembering the requirements section of each credit. But for the other half, understanding calculation and implementation will let you have a better handle from the tricky options.

Study Materials:

  • LEED ND Reference Guide

Sample questions:

  • Which of the following approaches will gain 1 or 2 points for Community Involvement? (For the community meeting approach, remember is unofficial.)
  • Given the area of the land, and its density, how much area needs to be undisturbed/ landscaped/ set-aside to make the project eligible for certain prerequisite/credit.

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